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A Comprehensive Analysis of the American Single-Family Residential Investment Industry

Groundbreaking Data on Residential Investors

Who are they? What, where, when, why and how do they invest?

Along with a consortium of leaders in the industry, Visio Lending sponsored The Iceberg Report. Produced by Real Trends & NEXZUS Publishing, The Iceberg Report includes the most comprehensive research of the Single-Family Residential Investor Industry to-date. Fill out the form to receive your FREE copy of the entire report. 

Some highlights from The Iceberg Report:

  • 67.3% of investment properties are purchased to be rentals 
  • 44% of rental properties generate over $1200 in monthly rent
  • 40% of investors bought 1 to 4 homes in 2016
  • Over 50% of investors are over 45 years old

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